When it comes to home remodeling in Sonoma and Marin counties in CA, we know you want a professional company that will be focused on the highest quality of results. You won’t find a more dedicated local contractor than Fondare Finish.

At Fondare Finish, we provide a number of different services to fit your remodeling needs. We serve both Sonoma County and Marin County.

Services Offered In Sonoma And Marin County CA

Exterior Doors And Windows

The doors and windows of your home make a big statement and are often the first thing visitors pay attention to when viewing your home. We install both doors and windows.

Interior Doors

We make sure all your interior doors have a professional appearance and fit correctly in place. Nothing is more annoying than a door that leans or doesn’t shut properly. Fondare Finish takes the steps to ensure the placement is done correctly so you don’t have issues later. On top of that, we make the extra effort that your doors mesh with the rest of the room.

Exterior Siding And Decks

Few things can instantly transform an ordinary home like exterior siding. With our siding services, we’re able to give your home a new lease on life. Our attention to detail and experience makes us one of Sonoma’s top siding installers in the county. To complete the outside look of your home, we also provide custom built decks to give your home an unique finished look second to none.

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling

If you need a Sonoma kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor, Fondare Finish should be your top choice. Our contractors have years of experience transforming the inside of your home.

Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets

One way we’re able to transform the inside of your home is through our highly qualified cabinetry services for your bathroom and kitchen. Cabinets can give your home an amazing finished look while adding functionality to the serviced room.

Interior Casing And Baseboards

The detail and craftsmanship we put to work will leave onlookers speechless. This is where Fondare Finish shows incredible talent. We use paints and stains to add dimensions and layers to your home, giving any room a finished look that will bring the room to life.

Sonoma & Marin County Homeowners

You won’t find a more dedicated and professional home remodeling company in the area ready to focus on your project start to finish. Contact us today and learn why Sonoma and Marin county homeowners choose Fondare Finish for their home remodeling needs.