Kitchen CabinetsThe right kitchen cabinets matter! Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, choosing the right kitchen cabinets is what will make or break the look your kitchen will have for years to come. Choosing finishes, materials, and complimentary countertops requires careful thought and preparation. After all, cabinets are at eye level, and they are the first thing you and your future guests will see upon entering your kitchen. Consulting with a remodeling or interior design professional is a good first step, but knowing the right questions to ask and being familiar with your options is always a good decision before investing in a new or existing home. Here are some tips for making your cabinets the perfect fit for your beautiful new kitchen.

Kitchen Materials

Experts generally recommend sticking to no more than three or four different materials for your cabinets. Lighter colored woods and hardware (handles, knobs, etc.) help keep your kitchen space open and light, whereas darker, warmer colors can make it feel cozier and more enclosed. The key is to pick one thematic material that is used in most of the kitchen’s palette, and then add additional materials for texture.


Once you have selected your thematic material to use in your cabinets, you need to decide on which other materials you will use in order to make your cabinets stand out. Going with a satin or gloss finish on the cabinets? Use brushed metal fixtures. Dark natural wood grain? Add some pattern upholstered stool cushions. Experiment to find a balance that suits the room, and that suits the aesthetic you are trying to establish.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

There are myriad choices when it comes to selecting doors for your cabinets. Shaker, insert, and flat are just the beginning. Do you want to use glass doors to show off your fine dinnerware? Would open shelving suit your aesthetic better than traditional cabinetry. Flip-up doors, corner drawers, and integrated refrigerators all have the potential to make your life easier and more convenient, but it is essential to make certain you know how you want your cabinets to function when choosing the door style and design.

All in all, remodeling or creating a new kitchen involves a lot of careful decisions, and there are many, many options to consider in order to build the right kitchen for you. Give serious thought to consulting with a contractor and designer, and get a quote for what you decide is best for your lifestyle and your home. Make your new kitchen cabinets the element that makes your new kitchen a masterpiece.