Building a home is a significant decision. New home building involves more effort than buying a house. That said, it is worth the effort as you get an end product customized to your needs, a place you can truly call home.

You do not build a home every day. Be careful when choosing your home builder, as the success of your project will depend heavily on the professional’s expertise. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a custom builder in Sonoma County or elsewhere.

Consider Experience

Would you be comfortable traveling on a ship commanded by a newly commissioned captain? When it comes to new home construction, your home builder is the captain of your ship. The professional will be responsible for charting a plan and marshaling resources to execute it.

An inexperienced/novice builder at the helm can spell doom for your project. Look for a professional who brings years of experience and project-specific skills to the table. Your preferred contractor must have a proven track record of success.

When interviewing candidates, remember to ask them questions regarding their experience and whether they have handled projects similar to yours. Go through their portfolios and talk to references.

Look for an Insured Builder

Every day, several accidents occur at construction sites around the world. The bitter truth is that no matter how cautious your builder is, you cannot completely rule out the chances of an accident occurring at your site.

To ensure you are not held accountable for damages in the unfortunate event of an accident or in case your project gets derailed, join hands with an insured builder.

Check Your Contractor’s Reputation

There are multiple ways to check your preferred contractor’s reputation. Look for online reviews and rankings, and join communities that discuss local contractors. You can also visit BBB’s website to check your builder’s ranking.

Reach out to the professional’s old customers. Ask them about their experience of working with the builder, and how likely are they to recommend them. Try finding and talking to professionals such as building inspectors who have worked alongside the professional.

Ask Questions

When interviewing a builder (over the phone or in person), ask the right questions to determine their expertise. Here are some questions to ask a builder:

  • Do you have the necessary licenses?
  • What site safety precautions do you take? Are health and safety programs complied with?
  • What differentiates you from the rest?
  • What type of contracts do you offer?
  • Can you take me through the process you follow to create construction schedules?

Evaluate the answers to these questions to decide whether you should hire the contractor.

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