In many homes, the basement serves as a storage area. Many homeowners use their basements to house household appliances such as washing machines, boilers, and washing machine dryers. Some homeowners, however, now are willing to look beyond the traditional.

If you want to create more space in your home, consider giving your basement a facelift. Revamping your basement does not just allow you to add space to your home, but can also increase its value. Transforming a stuffy basement into a clutter-free and refined area can take some doing; however, you can achieve the goal by making a few sensible adjustments.

Basement Remodeling Tips

Think About Light Sources

Let’s face it – most basements are dark. If you plan to use your basement frequently, you need to make sure that it does not resemble a dungeon. Plan for windows and doors that bring more natural light into your basement.

Openings should be cut before other work begins. Before building new windows and doors, ensure that the surrounding walls are strong enough to bear the increased structural load.

Install Handrails

A stylish handrail will not just enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area, but also provide safe access. Inspect your handrail regularly and check whether it is in place. Make sure the wall supporting the handrail is sturdy enough to bear its weight.

Take Steps to Prevent Moisture from Building Up

Basement moisture is a common problem in both new and old homes. To prevent moisture from building up in your finished basement, ensure good drainage of your roof. Your drainage system should direct water away from the foundation of your home.

Install a vapor retardant between interior stud walls and floors. Many remodeling contractors recommend installing a dehumidifier; however, be informed that merely installing a dehumidifier can do more harm than good as it can draw water through foundation walls.

Be Careful When Choosing a Flooring Option

Not all floors work well in basements. Solid wood, for instance, can split or buckle even when there is a slight, almost unnoticeable change in moisture levels. Some of the best basement flooring options are vinyl planks, engineered wood flooring, and ceramic tile.

Create an Escape Route

Make sure your basement has an escape route that can be utilized in the event of an emergency. Build egress windows and an enclosed closet. Your egress windows should be large enough to allow a firefighter to enter the area with full gear. Large egress windows will also allow people to escape your house during a fire.

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