Remodeling your home is one of the best ways to increase its value. Before starting to work on a project to give a facelift to your home, consider whether you want to use your property for a long time or have elderly family members who would prefer aging in place to facility care.

If you have parents or close relatives (can be in-laws or uncles or aunts) who want to age in place, you must look for ways to create separate spaces for privacy and independent living. Look for a local remodeling contractor near you who can create an environment that can be understood and accessed by all people irrespective of their age, ability/disability, size, and any other factor that can impact access.

Here are some common Universal Design considerations to keep in mind when remodeling your home.


  • Make sure your entrances have at least 32 inches of clear width. This will require a 36-inch wide door.
  • Use contrasting colors in flooring to help people with vision problems move around and find their way safely.
  • Ensure good lighting throughout your home.
  • Make sure there are no steps up or down between spaces. There should be at least one entrance without steps.
  • There should be flush thresholds to minimize trip hazards.
  • Install thermostatic or anti-scald controls throughout the property.
  • The doorbell should be placed in an accessible location and mounted at an accessible height.
  • Install an anterior sensor light at the entrance. The light should focus on the door lock.
  • When installing windows, lower them. Alternatively, opt for taller windows with easy-to-use hardware.


  • Consider installing pedestal sinks as they are easier to navigate around than traditional sinks.
  • Look for lower-level vanities or adjustable height wall vanity that accommodates users of all ages and abilities.
  • Add a fold-down or portable seat to your shower.
  • Install a curbless shower designed to prevent falls.
  • Install a toilet that is 2-½ inches higher than a standard toilet (usually 17-19 inches high).
  • Tub and shower controls should be located near the entrance.
  • Provide sturdy supports in the walls to ensure the easy and hassle-free installation of grab bars.


  • Provide additional (at least 5 foot by 5 foot) clear/turn space. Interior doors must be at least 36 inches wide.
  • Install additional task lighting in work areas.
  • Install levered door handles that provide better access.
  • Install non-slip flooring to prevent falls.
  • Countertop edges and corners should be rounded off.
  • Lower cabinets should have lazy Susans.
  • Make sure the height of upper cabinets is three inches less than conventional height.
  • Appliances must have easy-to-read controls.

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