Bathroom RemodelingRemodeling your bathroom, although one of the smaller rooms in your home, can quickly turn expensive. Do you really need to hire a professional? In some cases, no, you can do minor remodeling yourself, but there are some things you definitely should know before you go professional, like which jobs call for one! You need to be aware that professional bathroom remodeling is worth the extra cost in several situations, like the ones below.

Relocating Showers, Toilets, Sinks, and Plumbing

Do you hate where the shower is located? Did you decide you want a rain shower to run from the ceiling? Are you moving your toilet to a location that makes more sense? Any time you are planning on relocating the plumbing from what is existing, you need to hire a professional for this type of intensive remodel. Unless you have plumbing experience, this type of change is not easy and can easily go wrong. Not only that, but buildings have code standards for plumbing that need to be complied with. If you are moving pipes, call professionals to have consultations and choose a contractor you feel comfortable with.

Extensive Tiling

Many DIY home remodelers tile their own bathrooms successfully. There is nothing worse, however, than seeing tile that does not line up, is cut unevenly, or is not straight. If you are retiling an entire bathroom, choosing to have a lot of accent tiles, small tiles, etc., consider having a professional take on this work. Professionals have experience working with all types of tile and know the tricks of their trade. If you are willing to spend the money on the tile and accent tile, do not waste your investment by having improper installation ruin the look of your bathroom.

Heated Floors and Heat Lamps

Many people want their bathrooms to be sanctuaries and they want them to be warm. If you are considering heated floors you need a professional to run the electrical and complete the initial setup. It is again also a very good idea to have a professional install the tile as well. Heat lamps in the bathroom are another popular source of heat. These can often be integrated into exhaust fans. Unless you have a background in electrical, leave this to the pros.

Installing a New Exhaust Fan

Some bathrooms were built without an exhaust fan or have an extremely outdated one. There is an electrical component involved in this as well as cutting into the house or roof to place the vent to the outside. Know that this is not a good project for an amateur DIYer and a pro can ensure proper installation of all aspects of a new exhaust.

Structural Changes

Do you want to get rid of a half wall, add a water closet, or increase the amount of windows in your bathroom? If you are moving walls, adding windows, and/or creating structures, then it is recommended to have a pro assist with remodeling. Professionals will ensure they have the proper permits for these changes, keep alterations to code, and prevent leaks from occurring with proper window installation. This can save you from costly errors later on. Especially in a bathroom, where mold and mildew are such a concern, it is essential to have a pro complete seals on windows and structures such as new bathtubs, showers, walls, etc.

Cabinet Installation

While upgrading a simple vanity may be within your reach, installing a completely new cabinetry and storage system into a bathroom may be beyond your reach. As with most things in this category, you are spending enough on the item alone, you do not want to damage or ruin it with errors during installation. Professionals can also give advice as to what they have seen work well with storage design and can completely change the functionality of your bathroom by installing a cabinet system.

Overall, what you “better know” before you go pro is your own limitations. Trying to attempt things by yourself that you do not feel comfortable with can lead to obvious mistakes, ruin expensive materials, and even be hazardous to the home. Consider having a consultation with a professional bathroom remodeler to gain insight into what they have to offer you. You may find it is not expensive as you may think for the peace of mind and assurance that your bathroom remodel will be done properly and will be guaranteed to last for years to come.