Sonoma County builders who specialize in kitchen remodeling can answer questions you have when it comes to possible renovation or remodeling projects. In some cases, remodeling your home may cost you more in the long run than if you chose to build a new home. Building a new home allows you to start over and create the space you’ve always wanted while allowing you to add extra perks that may not have otherwise been possible.

Design a Smart Home

Design a smart home with appliances that interact with one another using wireless technology. You can manage your appliances or home security system from the other room or from across town.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

New homes are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. All newly manufactured appliances, windows, and HVAC units are rated for energy efficiency so that you know how much energy each one uses over a year’s time.

Less Maintenance and Fewer Repairs

A new home requires much less maintenance and fewer repairs than an older home that has undergone a renovation or a kitchen/bath remodel. Renovations can expose potential problems in an existing home that could lead to extensive repairs.

More Home for Your Money

For the cost of a general remodeling project, you can pay for a large portion of a new home to be designed and built to your personal specifications. Much of the money spent on renovation has to do with tearing out the old before the new can be started. Instead of spending money on a teardown, take the money and put it toward the building of a new home.

Create the Home of Your Dreams

If you choose to build a new home, you can create the living space of your dreams. It can be exactly what you want from the very beginning. You can include features that may not be feasible if you choose to renovate or remodel your home in Sonoma County. You may also be able to build a home that is larger than the one you are currently living in.

Fondare Finish Construction can help you with a kitchen remodeling project or with the building of a new home that is designed to your liking. As one of the premier Sonoma County builders, they are able to build the perfect home for you and your family. For more information, get in touch with us today.