Whether you are remodeling an outdated bathroom or starting from scratch, there are many modern design options for your bathroom cabinets. Be sure that while you’re choosing your cabinets for their design, you also are considering their functionality as well and picking a cabinet style that will fit the needs of your household. You also want to consider the size of your bathroom and what style will best fit the space you have available. Your bathroom cabinets can complement other focal pieces of your bathroom or they can become the main piece of your bathroom. From floating cabinets to brightly colored cabinets, the following are 5 modern ideas for your bathroom cabinets.

1. Floating Flat Panel Cabinets with Wall Mounted Sinks

Instead of having your cabinets go from sink to floor, a floating set of bathroom cabinets can add a modern touch. The sink, or double sinks, sit atop the cabinets with hidden plumbing. The cabinets sit about a foot off of the floor, which is a much different look from the vanities of long ago. Instead of having a base that is wasted space, the floating cabinet look has sharp lines and is modern, chic, and minimalist. The floor also not only looks cleaner, but is easier to clean.

2. The Open Look

Open bathroom vanities and cabinets allow the display of towels and decorative items. Open cabinets are for those who are well organized! If you are opting for the open cabinet look, it is best if there is a linen closet close by to hold extra bathroom supplies that you may not want on display. The open look lends itself to decorating with style by placing accent pieces on the shelves and is another favorite for the minimalist look as well. It is sleek, modern, and can brighten up the bathroom space.

3. Dramatic Grain Wooden Cabinets

Choose a dramatic grain wooden cabinet and make your cabinets the main focus of your bathroom. Have room for floor to ceiling? Large cabinets can provide you with big drawers and tons of storage space. This is a great choice for those who love wood. The wooden cabinets can be accented with white or black countertops and a large glass door for the shower. The hardware on the cabinets can modernize the look, with the long silver handles that are not only popular right now, but incredibly contemporary and sleek.

4. Repurposing a Buffet Table

Buffet tables can be topped with granite, marble, or quartz countertop and sinks can be added. This now serves as a double sink and the space between can be used for a vanity. The drawers beneath are then used as cabinet space. Wall mirrors can then be purchased to be hung on the wall over each sink. Although it seems counterintuitive, rustic wood buffets are excellent for modern bathroom remodels. In a large bathroom, using other traditional freestanding cabinets and re-purposing them into bathroom cabinets can complement this look, especially if you can find a tall cabinet to vary the height.

5. Colored Cabinets

Is your bathroom feeling drab? Sick of the white or wood look? Using brightly colored cabinets can modernize the look and revitalize the room with a splash of color. Bold primary colors, such as red or blue, can make a big impression. Your cabinets become the statement piece and the where conversation is centered around. Gray is also huge right now! From dove gray to graphite, gray is modern and offers an alternative to the standard bathroom cabinet design. The right colored cabinets can take a boring bathroom from flat and uninteresting to the most discussed room in the house!

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