More and more hardworking and talented women are taking over the American home restoration business as primary contributors to the field after years of male-dominated service in the construction sector. The case of increased female participation has come to notice ever since the Tubbs wildfire took place. Let’s discuss the three instances of women power that are noticed in the American home restoration industry.

The CEO of ARS Roofing, Gutters & Solar, Letitia Hanke, had faced several discriminations during her early days as a construction operator because of her skin pigment as well as gender. With none of the clients willing to work with a woman, Hanke proved heself, which helped her come a long way. Paying tuition fees deemed difficult for Hanke years ago. Yet, she never gave up; and joined a local roofing company as a receptionist. It only took a year for Hanke to get promoted to office manager. After establishing her reputation as a premium roofing expert in the area, it was time for Hanke to train new talents who could contribute fairly to the local construction and roof repair scene. So, she introduced a 10-week course that intended to instill great skills into the talented young construction enthusiasts.

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Nicole Humber, the CEO of Bravo Restoration & Construction, is yet another leading example of woman force in the construction field. She intends to help people get their home restored in case those are damaged due to fire, smoke, and water-related disasters. Similar to Hanke, Nicole too joined the industry as a receptionist but her first designation was short-lived, as she found a new business opportunity in the form of Bravo Restoration. It was since then that her company had been helping people restore their damaged homes – be it the post-Tubbs fire or the massive floods that invaded the locality. Till now, she has contributed towards the restoration of more than 100 buildings, which is quite a remarkable feat fora woman-run enterprise.






















Evangeline Kunkle, the chief designer at the G Family Construction in San Rafael, is another force to reckon with. Her vision is pretty clear; which is to design layouts as per the thought process of her clients. The mother of five sons, Evangeline is well-versed in her profession; and that is evident from her ever-growing client list. Her top-notch designs at reasonable price points have proved to be a delightful experience for her clients.

It is evident that women have come forward intending to restore the consequences of the great Californian wildfire, by designing and rebuilding the local residencies for making these habitats suitable for human shelter.

Fondare Finish Construction proudly supports these successful, women business leaders in Sonoma County. The owner and general contractor at Fondare Fininish, Jason Lotho, works extensively with ARS Roofing and values the high quality and high character of its owner.

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