If you are looking to extend your outdoor living space with a deck, you should look for the best remodeling contractors in Sonoma County. That way, you can rest assured that your deck will be of top quality, and provide you with the space you are seeking for socializing, relaxing, and bonding with family and friends.

So, without much ado, here are the best tips to hire the right remodeling contractor to help you build a deck.

Know What You Want

Before you hire the remodeling contractor, it is essential you know what you want in your deck. Decide how many levels you want, and whether you want to connect the deck to some other part of the garden. This information will help the contractor get a clear idea of what you need, and the things that can be incorporated into the deck, such as fire pit, seating area, and water fountain.

Set a Realistic Budget

Do some research online to find out how much it could cost you to build your dream deck. It will help you create a realistic budget. The money that you set aside to build your deck will play a role in helping you select a remodeling contractor. After all, there is no point shortlisting a contractor who is beyond your reach, is there?

Ask Family and Friends

You can begin your search for the best remodeling contractors in Sonoma County by getting recommendations from family and friends. If someone known to you has recently hired a remodeling contractor, ask them if they are satisfied with the quality of work, and whether the project was completed on time. If possible, go and check the work so that you get an idea of what to expect if you hire the same contractor.

Check Online

You can also look online to create a list of the best remodeling contractors in Sonoma County. Checking Google and directory listing such as Angie’s List are some of the best places to find residential contractors. You will be able to read reviews of other clients, and that will help you decide if the contractors are the right ones for your needs.

Ask the Right Questions

Once you have a list of the best remodeling contractors in Sonoma County, you need to narrow this list further. Find out which contractors specialize in deck projects, whether they handle all aspects of permits, and if they have insurance so that you won’t be held liable should anything go wrong during the project. Based on the answers you get, you can then select three to four contractors to give you an itemized estimate along with the delivery deadlines for the deliverable. This will help you zero in on the best remodeling contractor for your deck project.

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