Remodeling contractors can have a significant impact on your home and so it’s important you find the right contractors for your home. Our team at Fondare Finish Construction has decades of experience in the remodeling field, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight the signs you’ve found the right Santa Rosa remodeling contractors for your property.

They only accept deals with a contract in place

The remodeling contractors you choose for your Santa Rose home you should not be working for a cash payment but for a documented payment with a contract. The contract will help protect you in case a problem occurs during the completion of the project. It will ensure you have a document to turn to in court if the contractor takes issue with a payment or part of the project.

They have decades of background experience and can prove it

While many companies will explain that they have background experience as local Santa Rosa remodeling contractors, few can prove it. Make sure the company you work with can prove their experience and show that their team has a clear understanding of the projects that they’re working on. This experience will prove essential for you achieving a return on project investment.

The contractor communicates with you daily

If you begin the construction project and find that the contractor is not communicating with you about their work, you might consider asking about the elements of the project and how the process is moving forward. Trusted contractors communicate with the client daily and answer questions with precision.

They offer references

Remodeling contractors should offer a number of references for their past work. These references can help to guide you regarding the contractor’s working quality and their experience in the industry. Make sure you follow-up with these references and speak with them directly about the working process. If the contractor doesn’t offer working references, it could be a sign they don’t have the quality or experience required for the work ahead.

Our trusted team at Fondare Finish Construction is committed to providing you a lasting return on investment for your remodeling project. To discover more about our company and our services, call us today.