Choosing kitchen counters are a much bigger decision than you may realize, that’s because kitchen counters make the look of your kitchen. The reason for this is because the counters take up so much space within the kitchen and are usually a contrast from the color of the cabinets. This draws the eye to the kitchen counter as one of the main elements of design everyone is going to notice. Whether light or dark, soft or bold, the kitchen counter is usually one of the biggest statements the kitchen will make, whether the kitchen counter is a focal point or a complement to the rest of the design.

Planning Your Kitchen Cabinets

When planning your kitchen remodel or the initial design of a brand new kitchen, starting with the counters may actually be your best decision. You can then choose cabinets and a backsplash that best complement your counter. Another good reason to begin with the counters is because today there are numerous options for materials, patterns, textures, color, and styles of counters, really making the look of your entire kitchen. From traditional choices, such as granite and quartz, to more interesting options such as tile, cement, glass, wood, stone, and marble, you can make the counter either blend into the design or become a statement. For example, many people choose a counter that stands out to go along with simple cabinetry by having a counter that is colored, patterned, or textured. Others can choose a neutral colored counter that makes a bold cabinet choice stand out. Either way, the counter is essential in creating the look for the kitchen.

A Reflection On Your Style

Another reason kitchen counters make the look of your kitchen is because they are a reflection on your personal style. Choosing high end counters automatically increases not only the value of your kitchen, but the perception of your style as well. Counters play a large role in determining whether your kitchen is considered modern, traditional, etc. There also is a huge difference between laminate and quartz counters in terms of style. This difference will change the look and feel of your kitchen, regardless of your cabinets and appliances. Counters can instantly cheapen or upgrade the room. If you are looking to sell your home, high end counters are a feature that most buyers are looking for and is on many potential buyers’ wish lists.

Making Use Of Your Counters

When you picture a kitchen, the odds are the counter is one of the main things you are envisioning. This is because the kitchen counter is the workspace where one places a variety of gadgets such as the toaster, coffeepot, and stand mixer. The counter also surrounds the sink and other appliances. This means that while you are doing anything in the kitchen, you are looking at the counter. This makes the look of the kitchen because the pattern color of the counter top can be impacting your mood and attitude in ways you aren’t even aware of. Subconsciously, the kitchen counter can have an impact on how you feel in the kitchen. If your counters are worn, old, and broken down, it may be wearing on your attitude as you try to cook and utilize your kitchen space. Alternatively, new counters that are clean, sparkling, and that you connect with can make the kitchen a pleasant place to be.

Making The Look Of Your Kitchen

Overall, kitchen counters make the look of the kitchen because they are a source of color, texture, and pattern for the room, they create the style of the kitchen, and they also give the impression of the room being basic or more high end. Kitchen counters can impact the mood of the room as well as the moods of the people that are using them daily. The visual appeal of your kitchen counter can improve the look and feel of your kitchen. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, upgraded counters are a must for homebuyers. Consider your kitchen counters to be an investment not only for resale, but for the overall feel and look of the kitchen you will be using every day.

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