In this day and age, technology is everywhere, and it’s no different for a Sonoma County bath remodel project. An increasing number of homeowners are incorporating electronics into their bathroom and if you’re interested, our team at Fondare Finish Construction can help!

Programmable Showers

If you want to give each member of your family access to personalized shower settings, programmable showers are a great investment. With easy-to-use digital controls and various settings, including pressure, water temperature, and spray type, you’ll have plenty of flexibility. Not only that, you can monitor your water usage and cut down on the hydro bill.

Bluetooth Devices

Whether it’s a showerhead or fan, Bluetooth devices are a great way to modernize your bathroom. If you think listening to your favorite songs in the shower or from your fan sounds like a cool idea, invest in one of these devices!

Hi-Tech Toilets

Along with the other parts of your bathroom, the toilet has experienced some hi-tech advancements. For example, some are hands- and paper-free thanks to spritzing wands, temperature-controlled water, and automatic dryers.

Other innovations include:

  • Temperature-controlled seats
  • Motion sensors to lower and raise the lid
  • LED lights

Chromotherapy Tub

If you like to relax and enjoy a spa-like experience, a chromotherapy tub is a great investment. Its unique combination of colored lights can help your balance your emotional, physical, and mental energy.

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