According to the latest report, weather-related damage and natural disasters account for an annual bill of a whopping $23 billion in the US. Therefore, it is imperative for homeowners to practice safety tips at their houses. This can be done by protecting investments, opting for healthy choices, watching over loved ones, and making responsible decisions. These are simple things you can exercise a certain level of control over. Listed below are a few tips from reputed residential home builders in Sonoma County on how to prepare your home to deal with natural disasters.

Chalk Out a Communication Plan This is a pretty straightforward one. And yet it covers nearly every emergency situation in the book. Whether your house is struck by a tornado, or flooded due to torrential rains, you will be in a better position to handle it with a set of protocols in place. It is easier to follow an organized chain of command rather than trying to create a plan when disaster strikes.

Maintain Your Outdoor Lights It is needless to say that awareness is the key to your family’s safety. Thus, it is imperative for you to ensure that your outdoor lighting system is in working condition and sheds enough light on your home so as to gain visibility of potential threats from a distance. For instance, this will allow you to keep your eyes open for tornadoes and also keep burglars at bay.

Check Your Home Safety – One of the important steps in protecting your home from disasters is to check your safety features regularly. This will keep you safe and protect you from having to deal with any kind of nasty surprises in the event of a crisis. For instance, a smoke alarm will alert you in time to get your family to safety. You can call in residential home builders in Sonoma County to help you install a new security system.

Keep Your Alarms and Detectors Charged at All Times – Aside from security systems, keep your alarms and detectors charged at all times to keep out burglars. It is also prudent that the safety measures that you rely on to protect you must always be fully charged and functional. Reports suggest that a fully functional smoke alarm reduces the risk of a fatal accident by 50%. Hence, it is essential for you to replace the batteries in your fire alarms regularly.

Check Your Fire Extinguisher Though fire extinguishers are seldom used, they can come in handy if a fire does break out. A lot like the smoke alarms, extinguishers will save your life when you least expect it. So, be sure to keep one around and also to test it on a regular basis.

Keep First Aid Equipment at Home and In the Car At times, despite taking all the preventative measures, you might still become a victim of a home disaster. In the event of a traumatic home disaster, you must be in the position to give yourself first aid, before the medics arrive. This is why you must ensure your house and vehicle have a well-stocked first aid kit.

When a disaster strikes, you must be prepared. In the wake of a disaster, if you need home remodeling services, look no further than Fondare Finish Construction. Call us today at 707-293-9241.