Couple opening the front door of their home

Your front door sends an important message about your home. It is what is seen first as guests come to visit. Is is also what you will see first when you come home from work or shopping. You have lots of choices for styles for a front door. Here are some of the most welcoming doors for all who enter your home.

Contrasting colors

Pick contrasting colors for your door and its trim. The trim should coordinate with the color of your home. Then, pick a bolder color for your door.  Anyone coming to your home will be immediately drawn to the dramatic look and will look forward to stepping inside.

Natural wood

If you have natural wood on the exterior of your home, continue that look for the trim and into the interior of your home. The continuity creates a smooth transition from the outside to the inside. Consider painting the door a bright color to add some brightness to the look.

Pure white

Consider having a simple pure white door at your entryway. This look is especially effective if you have bold adornments on the front of your house such as copper gutters or elaborate stonework.

Salvaged materials

Using salvaged wood and other materials is a great way to save money when you are decorating the exterior of your home. You will never know the needle in the haystack that is just waiting to be found if you do not look. If you take this route, adding some unique lighting fixtures to the front porch is a great way to create additional ambiance to your front door.

A dramatic awning

If you do not want to replace your existing door, you can create a more welcoming effect by adding a dramatic awning.  The right awning can take a ho-hum door and turn it into a fabulous entryway. Consider something with a wrought iron frame and glass top. Complete the look with coordinating lanterns that flank the door.

Bright colors

Pick a bright color to paint your door. A bright blue, yellow, or even turquoise can give your front door a look that beacons people to it and entices them inside. You can take the welcoming look up another level by installing a stained glass window that coordinates with the door.


If you want to create a welcoming look to the front of your house, any one of these ideas will work fabulously for you. If you need help finding the perfect door for your home, contact Fondare Finish Contractors. We can make the outside of your house look as welcoming as the inside.