Kitchen designing trends are literally endless. Today, kitchen design trends are created in such a specific way that it complements the modern concept and efficient living of individuals. In fact, kitchen remodeling and designing trends have become an experimental laboratory when it comes to exploring today’s rapidly changing technology. Modern trends and design concepts for home kitchen exemplify the modest principles of aesthetics, functionality, efficiency, and hygiene. Thus, with the everlasting kitchen designing trends, there are no limits to what homeowners can do to their home kitchens. You can also switch to the transformative power of modern technology and choose from the wide-ranging kitchen design concepts and trends in order to add efficiency, convenience, and practicality to your kitchen area. Hiring professional services for kitchen and bath remodeling Santa Rosa is also a great idea to transform your ordinary kitchen into a functional and appealing space.

A New Kitchen Style

Today, homeowners are moving away from minimalistic looks and sleek designs towards contemporary kitchen trends that incorporate elegant designs, and warm, welcoming looks with a touch of modernism. The modern designing trends comprise textures, colors, and traditional elements. One of the prime aspects of contemporary kitchen designing trends is the use of contrasting materials next to each other, such as stainless steel and marble, or textured timber and marble.


It is another popularly growing kitchen designing trend that can make your home kitchen feel alive. Ceiling-high shelves can make your small kitchen area look space-efficient, and open shelves can give a welcoming look to your kitchen without affecting its functionality. You can also add customized kitchen shelves to match with your existing home décor. If you are looking for economical kitchen remodeling solutions, open shelving could be the right option for you, and with the right skills, you can easily install it yourself.


Adding vibrant colors mixed with artistic designs and subtle tones can add a unique style to your home kitchen. You can easily create a laid-back ambience in your home kitchen by incorporating soothing tones of purples, jades, and pinks with the magnificent colors of bold hues of gold and Chinese regal reds. There are unlimited kitchen designing color schemes through which you can easily provide additional texture, contrast, and interest to your home kitchen.

With numerous fantastic kitchen designing trends to choose from, you can easily remodel your ordinary kitchen, and transform it into a perfect space. Fondare Finish Construction, one of the top-rated remodeling contractors, can help you learn about new kitchen technologies and trends, and assist with the dramatic transformation of your home kitchen space. You can call us at 415-413-7170 or fill out the form provided below to get in touch with us.