Only an expert in kitchen and bath remodeling in Santa Rosa can help you with the solution you are looking to implement in your bathroom. Therefore, it’s critical to choose an experienced bathroom remodeler for your home to get the best results desired.

Experience, along with expertise, is the key to achieving great results. Before you hire one of the best bath remodelers in your area, here are some of the essential changes you might want to bring to your bathroom.

Let’s get started!

Mind The Space

The very first thing that should be on your mind is maximizing the space in your bathroom. People with smaller bathrooms often worry about the concepts that include space consumption. When dealing with a bathroom remodeler, always ask them to come up with several ideas that would minimize overall space usage.

Hidden Low-Flow Toilets

When saving space is your priority, always opt for smart options. For instance, you can always choose to install a low-flow, hidden toilet in this regard. With low-flow toilets, you would never have to think twice about saving water every time you flush. Besides, installing hidden tanks inside the walls also minimizes space consumption. Today, low-flow toilets have become one of the most trending styles; and you should waste no more time to make use of this marvelous concept.

Textured Tiles

You would probably agree with the fact that the showering area is indeed one of the most attractive areas in your bathroom. In that regard, it is your duty to add some textures to the area in order to make the space look beautiful. Consult with your bathroom remodeler, and ask him to add some textured tiles in the showering space. Trust us – you will be astonished by the changes!

Do You Need Bathtubs?

One of the most common mistakes that people do is that they install bathtubs even when they have limited bathing space. This can drastically reduce your mobility while bathing or using the washroom for other purposes. If installing a bathtub is the first thing you wish to do, consult with your remodeler beforehand; and ask for suggestions. Only use a bathtub if you are truly fond of them. Don’t eat up limited space just for the sake of adding style to your bathroom.

In most cases, it often becomes hard to find that perfect bathroom remodeler who will follow through on your requests, and bring your vision to life. Fondare Finish Construction can help you with the transformation you have been wishing to implement in your bathroom or kitchen. Consider calling us at 415-413-7170 for an exclusive consultation.