Few things can be more satisfying than working alongside Sonoma County builders to create your dream home.  Modern technology has made architectural marvels possible.   It’s entirely possible to create a home that’s custom-made for your every need – and for decades to come!

However, this requires plenty of planning and foresight.  Your Sonoma County builders can only do so much.  A successful custom home requires owners that know what they want, so it’s vital to have a plan before you sign off on any construction.

Five Vital Aspects to Consider When Designing A Custom Home

1 – Your current needs

Take a look at your current living arrangement, and what you do and don’t like about it.  What aspects of your lifestyle do you want to change?  Start making a list of features that you’d like your new home to have.

2 – Imagine a perfect daily routine

If you’re having trouble focusing on what you want in your new home, here’s a good way to drill down: imagine what a typical day for you would be if you could have the perfect home to fit that day.  What rooms would be closer to each other?  How much time are you likely to spend in each room?  This sort of exercise can do a lot to sort out your needs.

3 – Think about the future

How do you think your lifestyle will change in years to come?  Obviously, this is hard to predict, but look for things you have control over.  Children, for example.  How many (more) kids will you be having?  Be sure you have plenty of room to grow into!

4 – Start prioritizing features

As you start getting a firm notion of what you want in your home, begin prioritizing your preferences. As your ideas start turning into blueprints, it may not be possible to have everything. Ranking will help you decide what stays and what goes when there’s a conflict.

5 – Look at plenty of example homes

Maybe you have a clear idea of the look you want, or maybe not.  Either way, once you’ve got a good prioritized list of features, it’s time to look for homes similar to your ideas.  This will give your builders a jumping-off point and help ensure the final design matches your dream.

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