For many homeowners, considering a renovation during the winter is not top of mind. A lot of people prefer hibernating rather than actively plan and execute a home improvement project with their Sonoma County contractor during the winter season. Business slows down during the winter, which means you will have an upper hand negotiating with your contractor and can save considerably more than peak seasons (summer, fall, and spring). Now that you are amenable to the idea of off-season home improvement, let’s take a look at some projects to try in winter.

Window Replacement

If you have squeaky or damaged windows that are nearing the end of their service life, winter is the best time to get them replaced. A major benefit of getting your windows replaced in the off season is that you will have several cost-saving opportunities, as many window replacement companies offer deals during winter. Additionally, many contractors schedule jobs on shorter notice.

Installers usually replace one window at a time, installing barriers to keep drafty cold air away from rooms. This can take time; however, you will notice positive results right away after the job is completed.

Refinishing Wooden Floors

Getting wooden floors refinished in winter makes sense as low-humidity air speeds up the drying process. Open your doors and windows to provide an escape route for toxic fumes used by your contractor. If you have to stay in your home during the project, look for a contractor who uses sandless techniques.

Painting Rooms

Winter is the best time to show dingy and outdated rooms some love. Not only will you find attractive deals, but can also expect your painting company to have more flexibility, which allows them to accommodate customer requests such as allocating more workers to their project.

A fresh coat of paint applied during winter will take less time to dry than summer when humidity is a major concern. Adding interesting colors to your walls can be an effective cure for your winter blues. Before starting to paint your walls, make sure they are warm, as this will help ensure that the paint sticks to them. If your walls are not warm enough, consider turning up the heat.

Roof Replacement

Are you guilty of ignoring your damaged or old roof for quite some time? Now is the time to stop thinking and start acting. If you hire a roofer during the winter season, rest assured that the project will be executed to perfection, as the contractor will be in no real hurry. Though the winter season can present some significant challenges, an experienced contractor can work around them to deliver projects on-budget.

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