If you have arrived on this page, chances are that you are searching for bathroom remodel contractors near me. Well, we can assure you that your search for the same has come to an end. It’s easy to find a bathroom remodeling contractor. You can simply search for one around your locality or conduct a Google search for finding the same.

What seems a difficult task is to come up with remodeling ideas that would truly transform your bathroom space. You should start planning well ahead of time on what improvements you actually want to implement in your bathroom. Let us figure out the possible transformations you can seek.

Toilets with Hidden Tanks

If you want to add creativity with environmental sustainability, consider installing hidden tanks in your toilet. The uniqueness of this concept lies in the fact that the water storage facility is embedded inside the adjacent walls. This particular design can be a worthwhile experience, especially if your bathroom size is smaller. Not only does it save considerable space around the area but also helps you put a stop to water expenses. This has been made possible mainly because of a low-flow model.

Install 2-inch Drain Pipes

Well, now you might be thinking of how important the installation of these pipes can be. Trust us – you will notice a considerable transformation in the way your bathroom behaves. Installing these pipes might seem to be an extremely small task, but in reality, the results can be outstanding.

Often, if you have a large number of family members residing under the same roof, water clogging is one of the most natural things to occur. This is mainly because the traditional drain pipes are of 1.5 to 1.75 inches in diameter. Such a narrow space often leads to clogging of the pipes. In contrast, if you install 2-inches wide drain pipes, you can expect top-notch draining system at your bathroom.

A Bath Tub Isn’t a Necessity

A common behavior of an average American house owner is that they install a bathtub in their bathroom. Most of the time, they don’t even consider using it. In fact, such a tub is installed only for adding some beauty to the space. If you are an avid bather, only then should you consider installing a bathtub. There’s no reason to eat up precious bathroom space if you live in colder areas or if you have very busy schedules.

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