Wall tile in your bathroom can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. From sophistication and modern, to timeless and homely, there are all sorts of looks and designs available to you – but it can be overwhelming. You may just need some help finding the right tiles before going to a bathroom remodeling company in Sonoma County. Here are some fantastic ideas, so when you’re ready, you’re able to come to Fondare Finish Construction with a list of options that work great for your own bathroom.

Consider Small Tiles Around Curves

Do you have curves on the wall of your shower? If you do, going with small tiles works as it’s easier to move around the curve without needing a harder edge. Plus, the elegant look of small tiles can work in any size bathroom shower.

Contrast Helps Your Tiles Pop

A great idea to consider when going with new bathroom tiles is to utilize a second color choice. This helps add a bit of contrast to the tiles, allowing each to pop. It really helps take the overall design of your bathroom to the next level and increases the level of sophistication.

Cleaning is a Top Priority 

Cleaning certain kinds of tile is difficult at best, with some being nearly impossible to clean. That’s why you always need to consider cleaning when choosing the right tile for your bathroom. In general, larger tiles are easier to clean because there is are fewer indentations and a smoother surface. It is usually the grout that becomes discolored faster, so keep this in mind when selecting the right kind of tile for your shower.

Large and Small Tile

If you’re looking to add a bit of interest to the tiles and look, one of the best ways to do this is by using small tile framed with the larger, main tile. This can act as an accent point for the entire tile wall.

Trust Our Bathroom Remodeling Company & Team in Sonoma County

When it comes to selecting the right bathroom remodeling company in Sonoma County, make sure you go with a company capable of offering the kind of shower wall tiles you’re interested in. Fondare Finish Construction can tackle any kind of bathroom or shower wall tile remodel you have set your sights on. So if you’re ready to begin your bathroom remodel project, or if you have questions regarding the services provided, make sure to contact Fondare Finish Construction today.