There is much to love about small homes. They are cozy, comfortable, and easy to maintain. That said, remodeling a small home can be quite a task. A major problem that many homeowners face when remodeling a small home is the lack of space. While limited space can be a major hurdle when remodeling your small home, it is not impossible to overcome the challenge. Before starting to work on your remodeling project, come up with a plan. Instead of using lack of space as an excuse, view it as an opportunity to be creative. Remodeling a small home requires prior planning and inspiration. Here are some ideas to spruce up your small home.

Add Storage

The best way to organize a small home is by adding storage. This can be achieved by installing shelves and rotating cabinets in corners. Alternatively, consider adding a bathroom cabinet. To maximize your kitchen’s organization, hang pots from the ceiling or on the wall. To maximize bench space, use roll-out cupboards and chopping boards.

Utilize Your Lofted Areas

Do you have a high ceiling or some free space above your stairwell? You can utilize them for storage or consider adding a bedroom, playroom, or reading space.

Turn Your Ordinary Rooms Into Multi-Purpose Rooms

When remodeling your small home, you must focus on making every inch of space count. One of the best ways to do this is by transforming your rooms into multi-purpose rooms. To transform your living room into a room that you can also use to host guests, replace your regular couch with a convertible sofa bed. If you are a fan of guest rooms that double as home offices, add a stylish desk and comfortable chair to your guest room.

Improve Your Lighting

To make small rooms and hallways look bigger, add bright lighting. Mirrors are an inexpensive addition to any decor and can add extra dimension to small spaces. To increase natural light in your home, replace old and damaged blinds with new ones. Make sure the materials and designs of blinds used in an area blend with its layout, complementing the overall theme.

Use Little, Awkward Spaces

Every home has several little awkward spaces that can be transformed into productive hideaways for improved aesthetics and enhanced functionality. Transform the space beneath your stairwell into a storage area, shoe rack, wine cellar, or a mini-library by installing shelving. To transform the area into your personal retreat, add some cozy cushions and a lamp.

Experiment With Colors

Use light, neutral colors in floors and ceilings. Light colored walls and furnishings will open up your rooms and add character to them. Be careful when using bold colors, patterned rugs, and art pieces as dark colors, if not used wisely, can make areas feel gloomy, cluttered, and clamped.

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