Deck Makeovers

Your deck is an extension of your home. It should take as much care and consideration with designing it as you do with the rooms inside the house. Rather than settling for a plain wooden deck, put your own personal stamp on it with some of these creative design ideas.

A touch of contrast

Decks need railings for safety and other practical purposes. When you have a wooden deck, your first thought might be to have wooden railings that match or coordinate with your deck. But, for a more contemporary feel, resist that temptation and go for metal railings instead. The contrasting materials will give your deck a fresh and updated look that everyone will love.

Unusual artwork

Another way to dress up your deck is to add some unique stencil drawings to the surface. Choose a design that expresses your personality and then choose a spot on your deck that you want to showcase. The key to having successful stencil-work is to use a neutral color, keep it subtle, and do not overdo it. You want the stencil work to enhance the natural beauty of your wood deck, not outshine it.

Keep it neutral

Stain your deck a neutral color. Stay within the brown family or choose another earthy tone. If you paint your deck a more daring color, it limits your opportunities for decorating.

Keeping your deck a neutral color will give you more opportunities to adorn it with accessories to add personality and color. Plus, you will be able to switch out your accessories every season without having to worry about clashing with the deck color.


Lighting can make or break an outdoor entertaining area. So, choose your lighting carefully. Choose lighting that provides a dreamlike quality. Try using low-level lamps and mini spotlights to add atmosphere and ambiance to the area. When your lighting is just right, you will never want to go inside.

Create a destination

If you want to get the most use out of your deck, make it an oasis. Find the most comfortable chairs, decorate it with all of your favorite items, do whatever you can to make it a place where you want to go. As you create your home-away-from-home right in your own back yard, do not neglect your lawn. Create beautiful landscapes and add interesting hardscapes that complete your perfect backyard look.

Do not settle for less than the best when it comes to your deck. Create the outdoor living area that will make your friends and family jealous by thinking just a little bit outside the box. You will love the final outcome.