Do you know that you can do wonders to your small bathroom with some tips and tricks? In earlier times, a bathroom was assumed to be a dull and boring space, used for freshening up. Now people demand something more lavish and exciting. For this, you don’t need to completely redo your bathroom; but just add some little things can add life to it!

Add Some Light – The golden rule for making a place to look bigger is to add some more light to it. Change the dull bulbs with some powerful ceiling light fixtures. You should hire professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Santa Rosa for painting your walls with more lively colors. Try matching the wall color with the ceiling color. Keep your windows with sheer curtains to let the natural light come inside the bathroom.

Mirrors – Mirrors can do wonders to your small bathroom. Add larger sized mirrors on the walls of your bathroom. This will make your bathroom look very big as well as the lighting with add a touch of panache to it. When the light reflects on the mirrors, your small room will look more spacious.

Redo Storage! – We all need some storage space in the bathroom, right? Some people also prefer to keep their towels and some clothes there. So if you already have a small bathroom, this storage can create a lot of clutter. For this, go for recessed shelves instead, for better utilization of the wall space.

Remove Clutter – Clutter is one of the major reasons for crowding the bathroom space. Remember one thing, ‘if you do not need the stuff there, keep it somewhere else.’ The lesser the clutter, the bigger the space will look. Again, try to install wall shelves to store some urgent stuff, if any, and use frosted glass covers for the shelves. You can save the door space by adding a sliding door instead of the regular door.

Light Flooring – Just like it is recommended to paint the walls of lighter shades, the flooring should also follow the same rule. Light colored tiles give a spacious look to the area. Please avoid dark colored tiles or any other patterned tiles as they will give a cluttered look to your bathroom. If you are staying in a temporary arrangement, you can go for the light-colored, large rugs that will hide the darker tiles inside.

These were some of the best tips that can help you attain a spacious and larger area look for your bathroom. You can get some more innovative advice from the professionals available at 415-413-7170 at Fondare Finish Construction.