Any type of home or renovation calls for some serious consideration in several areas. Not only do you want your kitchen to look beautiful, it must also be functional and easy to maintain. There are several kitchen remodeling companies in Sonoma County, but Fondare Finish Construction is the one that will pay the greatest attention to detail to make sure your kitchen is everything you’re looking for. Here are a few other things you should consider before you begin remodeling.

Keep It Functional

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. Over time, your family will cook, eat, study, and share their time in the space you create. Make it as comfortable and functional as possible, while ensuring that it is easy to maintain and care for. Create cabinet areas that give you the necessary room you need for storage and proper organization.

Make the Most of Your Counter Space

Your counter space should be your ultimate work area. Use a material that is durable enough to withstand everything you will have to use it for. It should be easy to clean and disinfect, but also beautiful enough to shine when you need it to stand alone.

Lighting Is Everything

Your lighting must be able to make your room shine. Choose fixtures that are a match for your other décor choices. While your countertops may be the first thing a guest sees, your light fixtures and other accents will make your kitchen stand apart from others.

Choose the Right Flooring

When it comes to kitchen flooring, beauty is essential but being able to keep it clean and looking its best is the highest priority. Your kitchen must endure high volumes of traffic every day, not to mention the spills and kitchen odors that it will be exposed to. Choose a material that is both stain-resistant and easy to maintain so your kitchen will retain its beauty for many years to come.

Kitchen Remodeling in Sonoma County

Fondare Finish Construction is one of the most well-known kitchen remodeling companies in Sonoma County. When you are ready to start your kitchen remodeling project, make sure to call and schedule an appointment with one of our professional staff. Our friendly neighbor and partner, Humanity Home & Cabinetry, can help you design the perfect kitchen for your family’s needs and offer choices that take beauty as well as functionality into consideration.